Five Fitted Wedding Ring Styles


Fitted Wedding Rings

If you have a unique engagement ring that doesn’t allow for a straight wedding band to fit up against it then I would recommend having a look at some of these pretty fitted wedding rings I have designed to give you inspiration!

If you go into a bog-standard jewellery shop, then you may see the rather old-fashioned style that has a cut out or is a bulky shape that you wouldn’t consider wearing on its own, which sometimes we have to do for work, if you’re a nurse or work around children for example.


Filigree/ French Swirl Wedding Ring

This is a pretty idea if you love the French romantic styles. They have a lace inspired look and you can get really creative with the swirls that make the shape of the wedding band.


Wishbone or V Shaped Wedding Ring

You can have a deep wishbone or a shallow wishbone to fit around the shape of your engagement ring. These are great because they are a statement in their own right and can really make your bridal set stand out.


Nesting Wedding Band

A classic alternative to a straight wedding band, your engagement ring will just delicately fit next to it, much like a stacking ring. This style of design looks great with diamonds to give extra sparkle.


Curved Diamond Wedding Band

Draw a flowing curve to suit your engagement ring and add diamonds. Add small pear-shaped diamonds or striking marquise diamonds. For wedding rings that are a bit ‘extra.’ You could also add in some coloured gemstones like sapphires or rubies.


Totally Unique Wedding Ring

Want something totally unique? Perhaps a vine and leaf style wedding ring that sits cutely around your diamond solitaire. Or do you have an art-deco Emerald Cut engagement ring and want your wedding ring have a more geometrical feel? Let’s do it.


There should be nothing restricting about having an engagement ring that needs shaped or fitted wedding rings. This should be perceived as an exciting time where you can design the ring of your dreams! Go pin happy on Pinterest, get some ideas and get in touch with a jewellery designer to begin discussing what you want.


Make sure you allow plenty of time out from your wedding (8-12 weeks) to get the design perfect and expect to pay £1200+ in Platinum or 18ct White Gold. This is the one symbol of your marriage that is left once the day has been and gone and lucky you, you get to wear it forever! So design wisely.


Get in touch with our expert jewellery designers today to talk about what style might suit your engagement ring best. We can meet you in London, Derbyshire or if it’s easier for you, over Skype, for your complimentary design consultation!

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