Floral Inspired Engagement Ring – Design Story

At the beginning of the year I first my client, who we’ll call Mr J. He was looking for a bespoke engagement ring as he was looking to propose soon but didn’t know where to start.

We spoke about various ideas but ultimately, he wanted his girlfriend (future fiancé – Miss M) to be in on the design so we could get it absolutely perfect. So, how do we come up with a wonderful proposal surprise but have her involved?


Mr J came to see me in the boutique and we spoke about various ideas. He and his girlfriend actually have a tea business and so one of his ideas was to propose with a teacup ring. I thought this was such a lovely idea and would mean a lot to both of them.


Another idea we had was to give her a rough diamond and metal grains which would then lead to her designing her own ring.


Two lovely ideas, how did Mr J choose? He chose both!


So, on a trip to Dubai that the couple had arranged with Miss M’s family, Mr J planned to propose. He had planned a fake birthday dinner for Miss M in a restaurant in the middle of the Arabian Sea and overlooking the Burj al Arab.


Mr J got down on one knee in front of the whole restaurant and pulled out the tea cup ring! Afterwards, passing her the rough diamond and metal grains, explaining that he wanted them to design her ring together.


I’ve seen the beautiful video of the proposal and it’s beautiful, definitely made me well up!


So, a couple of weeks after and the newly engaged couple came back to see me to begin designing their bespoke engagement ring.


Miss M had some lovely ideas and being a very petite lady, we knew this ring had to be delicate. The toughest decision was how big the Diamond should be! We set her a beautiful diamond in 18ct yellow gold with floral inspired claws and diamond set shoulders. The claws took inspiration from petals of a flower and help set the diamond off beautifully.


This was special, not just because of the one of a kind engagement ring that we designed together but also because of the experience the couple shared.


This design has been one of the highlights of my year, it is such a beautiful love story and I hope the couple create many more happy memories together. Watch this space for the blog on their wedding rings!


If you would like to design a bespoke engagement ring, as a surprise or together, as a couple, then please contact me through the contact form below to arrange your initial consultation.

Roseanna x