From One Kick Ass Princess to Another

Back in May, it was Princess Charlotte’s first birthday. The United Kingdom’s very own Princess.


I love our country and I love the Royal Family, they are a huge part of what Great Britain is, part of the magical history we have and yes some of its gory and it’s not all fairy-tale but it’s magic all the same.

I remember wishing I was a Princess (and a pop star, and a vet, and a lawyer) when I was a little girl and now there’s one little girl in our country who will never wish that. In actual fact she may go through days where she wishes she was a normal little girl, but that aside, she is a national treasure and I was so pleased when Kate and Wills had a little girl.

Forgetting my wishes to be unrealistic things I am now a goldsmith and business woman supported by The Princes Trust, an enterprise which I would have struggled to be where I am today without. Through them I am supported by a great mentor and at the beginnings of my business I had expert advice that helped me understand how to run a business in more depth.

The Princes Trust help so many people every day, some people would not be able to live their best life without it, people who haven’t had the best start in life but have drive, people who want to become entrepreneurs, people like myself who want to turn their passion and skill into a successful business but don’t know where to start. It truly is a great cause and one I’m proud to be a part of.

I imagine Charlotte will grow up to be a strong woman, and a good woman, like her family, helping out the less fortunate and doing it graciously. Graciously kicking ass.princess-charlotte-emerald-bracelet

So with my adoration for her family and my gratefulness to The Prince’s Trust, for Princess Charlotte’s first birthday I decided to make her a bracelet. A gift from one strong woman trying to make a go of life, to another.

I didn’t know if she’d actually get it, I don’t know if she’ll ever see it, and she probably won’t ever wear it (I’m strong but realistic) but there’s a thought there and isn’t that how gifts work?

I handmade her a delicate Sterling Silver bracelet with an Emerald, the Princesses birthstone, set in it. She’ll own jewellery more glamorous than this but without The Prince’s Trust, I wouldn’t have the facilities to make it.

So I sent it off, not expecting to hear anything, until a few weeks later I received a lovely letter in the post. No, not signed in crayon and glitter by Charlotte but from Kensington Palace all the same. Just to show my gift was appreciated. One of the highlights of my year definitely and I can’t wait to see some of the other jewellery the Princess is gifted throughout her lifetime.