Design Story of a Garnet Engagement Ring and Disneyland by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

At the beginning of the year, I was contacted by a client who wanted to give his fiancée a garnet engagement ring for her birthday in January. They got engaged at Disneyland Paris last year and now they were in a position to give her a stunning ring to mark the commitment.

The Unique Design

My client knew he wanted the main gemstone in the ring to be her birthstone – a Garnet. A beautiful deep red gem. Which is perfect because his fiancée is a dark-haired beauty and the red stands out so well on her fair skin! The Garnet is a cushion cut shape, which is more unusual than the typical round and it really gives the ring a unique look.


We decided to really make the Garnet stand out and add two smaller White Topaz either side. Set in White Gold, this ring was perfect for the couple.


The Design Process

Many people think it’s difficult to have a bespoke engagement ring designed and organised for your deadline, but we are here to make it as easy as possible for you. My client in this particular instance, had a date for the ring which was his fiancé’s birthday. He made his initial enquiry 2-3 weeks before that.


Normally we allow 4-6 weeks, but we can always make an exception if our client has a deadline. This ring became our priority and after our initial design discussions we got started. We sent our client the 3D design of his engagement ring to give the go ahead and we got to work!


Making the ring is always the simple bit and the collection of the ring is the bit that makes us warm on the inside. Our client was over the moon and so was his fiancée. I saw them 2 days after and it was magical, they were so happy. Almost as happy I imagine, as the initial proposal in Disneyland.


So, the designing of your bespoke engagement ring is really simple, and it starts with your initial email which you can do by using the contact form below.


We’re based in Bakewell, Derbyshire and if you can come to the boutique for a design consultation that’s amazing but we understand not always possible, so we also offer online and telephone consultations. All of this can be organised once you have got in touch so use the contact form below and have an amazing day!