Green Gemstone Engagement Rings

In green gemstone engagement rings, you can see hues varying from the bright green of Emerald to the vibrant green of Green Tourmaline. Well suited to a woman who perhaps has an earthy side and loves to be lost in nature or a bold woman who loves these colours. Perhaps your fiancé to be has green eyes you love so much, you could match the centre stone in her engagement ring to this!

Emerald Engagement Ring

The Emerald engagement ring is well suited towards a classic woman and known as the ‘Stone of Successful Love,’ appropriate, don’t you think?

It is the birthstone for May and can be found in various shades of green depending on quality. At 7.5 of the Mohs scale of hardness it makes a great engagement ring gemstone but does require more care than a diamond for example.

Emeralds look incredible with a halo of diamonds and set in yellow gold for a timeless look, but you could also get a wonderful contemporary design from an Emerald too.

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Green Sapphire Engagement Ring

Did you know you could get Sapphires in green? They can vary from a teal-green to olive green and are a wonderfully unique gem for an engagement ring with all the positives (hardness and toughness) of a Sapphire.

A green Sapphire engagement ring would certainly wow the love of your life when you explain to her why you chose this stone for her. Green Sapphires are a symbol of loyalty, fidelity and protection.


Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring

A powerful stone when it comes to healing the heart, this would make an incredibly positive stone for an engagement ring. Green Tourmaline comes in at 7 – 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness making it extremely suitable with the correct care for your engagement ring.

As a lesser known gemstone, you could get a beautiful one of a kind engagement ring design with this stone.

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Tsavorite Garnet Engagement Ring

Another lesser gemstone is the Tsavorite Garnet, a rare and valuable gemstone with a hardness of 7-7.5. Its colour is almost an Emerald-green, being bright and vibrant. If your fiancé to be is a vibrant woman who loves something unique, I would say this is an excellent option.

It is named after the Tsavo National Park in Kenya and a wonderfully exotic stone said to enhance fertility. A 2ct perfect quality Tsavorite is rarer than an Emerald so perfect again, if you’re looking for something totally one of a kind.


Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Known as ‘Emerald by day and Ruby by night.’ This is an extremely rare colour-change stone showing a bright green in the daytime and the best quality stones show violet in a lower light. Their rarity makes them extremely valuable, especially the larger the stone gets.

With a hardness of 8.5 and excellent toughness this would make a great engagement ring choice and be a wonderful option for your one-of-a-kind woman! It is a jewel that is thought to bring luck, fortune, and love, what a magical combination.

As you can see, there is a wonderful variety of green gemstones out there to use in your bespoke engagement ring. If you would like to learn more about any of them gems available including cost and how to source one, please don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our specialists will get in touch for a ‘no-obligation’ chat.