The Roseanna Croft Guide To Buying Jewellery


Buying the perfect gift is never as easy as you think.

You want to show that you’ve put some serious thought into it and about your loved one and what they would really like – something that reflects them as a person and shows them how much you appreciate their individuality.  Whether it be jewellery, lingerie, perfume or something else, none of these are ‘one size fits all’.  They are all personal and subjective to the recipient.

We’ve put together this guide to buying jewellery to help you surprise that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

  1. Look at what she currently wears. Most ladies have a preference towards rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or a combination.  If she never wears earrings then it’s more than likely that she won’t wear the ones you buy so it’s best to buy her something you know she will wear.
  2. Notice the metal of her current jewellery. Women tend to lean towards Sterling Silver, White Gold, Platinum, Yellow Gold, or maybe they’ve pointed out a Rose Gold piece that they love. Stick to colours and metals that you know she likes.
  3. Take note of the style of her jewellery. I always think that you can tell a lot about the type of jewellery a lady likes by looking at her watch.  If it’s small and dainty she will probably prefer intricate subtle pieces.  If her watch is bulky and stands out she may prefer more statement pieces.
  4. Steal or borrow! While we never usually condone theft, it’s a good idea when buying bracelets or rings to get a good idea of size!  You can measure one of her bracelets at home and most quality jewellers will be prepared to size up one of her existing rings for you.
  5. Don’t panic and take advice. At Roseanna Croft, we are here to help you buy the perfect gift.  Take advice from the professionals and remember that she will love the effort you have made as much as the piece you choose.

If you really want to make an impact this February the 14th then why not purchase a Bespoke Design Experience from Roseanna Croft.  The experience involves a Champagne Afternoon Tea whilst your designer sketches out your ideas and presents gemstone samples for you to peruse, and acts as a deposit towards your bespoke piece.

As we believe that all jewellery has a story to tell, upon collection you will receive your very own Storybook – A Tale Of Your Bespoke Piece, as well as an exclusive luxury gift from when booking between the 31st of January and the 14th of February.