Handcrafted Jewellery and The Benefits of Bespoke Pieces


There is something highly personal about a piece of handcrafted jewellery.  We choose jewellery based on our style and what speaks to us.

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Our jewellery can say a lot about us.  Whether it’s bold and chunky or dainty and delicate, it says as much about our character as the clothes we wear.


Recently there has been in a switch in trends.   A few years ago jewellery was bought from the high street and ‘off the rack’, and your jewellery wardrobe would change often to suit trends and seasons.  Now people are becoming more socially aware and also more appreciative of the time and work that goes into bespoke pieces.  They are beginning to realise again that jewellery can be something to treasure for not just one lifetime, but something that can be passed down through generations.  They see the benefits of reusing old metal and gemstones to be more sustainable, and also appreciate the sentimentality of it.


There are many benefits of owning handcrafted jewellery.  It is tailored to you, so no other person will have exactly the same piece.  Even if it looks similar, the different use of metals and tiny differences in the gems will make it entirely unique to you.  When you work together with an expert goldsmith to create a unique piece, you can embrace your innovative vision and share it.


With handcrafted jewellery, the focus is on quality not quantity.  A jeweller will spend hours and days designing and perfecting your piece using the highest quality metals and stones.  Making a one off design and making it by hand involves a level of care that is sometimes missing with mass-produced jewellery.  Each piece is like a work of art that represents the art of goldsmithing.


One of the other benefits of handcrafted jewellery is the exceptional customer service.  From your first contact with us, to your design consultation, to aftercare, our customer service as well as our craftsmanship are second to none.  We take great pleasure in not only creating beautiful pieces for you, but also giving you an experience that is truly first class.


When it comes to handcrafted and bespoke pieces, it’s all about the sentimental and emotional connection.   Often a design is based on the concept of emotions, ideas or even memorable moments that you can recreate in a special piece of jewellery.  In this way you can connect with the maker and learn their story.


Being a jeweller and a goldsmith involves the ability to preserve a craft, something which is fairly rare these days as machines take over most manufacture.  It takes many years to gain the skills to create the perfect piece of jewellery.  From cutting gemstones to positioning them, to polishing precious metals, handcrafted jewellery reflects the time, effort and skill involved in this process.


If you would like our expert goldsmiths to create a piece entirely unique to you, please book a consultation and we will be in touch.