How Can An Engagement Or Wedding Ring Be Redesigned?

Eventually, the time can come to breathe new life into an old ring. Whether your old engagement ring or wedding ring has simply worn down over the years or you simply want to move forward into a new chapter in your life with a statement piece of jewellery to mark the fresh start, you might want a redesign of your ring.


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Give An Old Jewel A New Band


If you have a precious diamond or other jewel set into a band that is worn and dull, then you can redesign your ring to suit your current tastes. There are many options available. You might even be tired of your gold band and want to switch up to a white gold or platinum ring instead. A redesign or refurbishment of an old ring can give it back its sparkle.


What Kind Of Redesigns Are Available?


There are several ways of redesigning your engagement and wedding rings. You can tweak a little part of the design or start with a blank canvas and alter it to a much more contemporary piece. You could maybe add in some more diamonds for extra sparkle or include the birthstones of your children into the design. If your ring needs redesigning because it is an antique and has worn down too much, we can make it look exactly as it would have once been made originally - you don’t have to change the style at all.

Your ring may not even need a full redesign; perhaps resizing it to make it fit better or re-tipping the claws will help prevent the diamond from being lost.

Is It Disloyal To Get My Ring Redesigned?


No, it is absolutely not disloyal at all. When you first receive your beloved engagement and wedding rings, they represent a very special moment in your life. However, in the same way that love evolves, metamorphoses and transitions, jewellery can do the same.

Your new ring may represent the strong, renewed love that you feel for your spouse now, after years of experiences together. Getting your ring fixed or redesigned is simply a way to breathe new life into an old ring.


Is Getting A Redesign A Good Idea Following A Divorce?


Redesigning your ring after your divorce is an ideal way to close one chapter of your life and move onto the next. It's an excellent medium for imbuing this new chapter of your life with rejuvenated meaning, allowing you to cherish the good memories from the past whilst simultaneously having a tangible reminder that there are still many good memories to be made in the future.

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