Little Acts Of Love (How To Practise Self-Care)

The most important relationship of your entire life is the one you have with yourself!

Recently, much has been written about the stresses and strains of modern living and the toll it can take on mental health. A lot has been reported in the news lately about how the average Brit is struggling in the pursuit of happiness.

The solutions we hear about tend to be much easier said than done. Not everyone has the time and expenses to go on a month-long holiday in the sun. It’s not always straightforward to simply cut out toxic people or stressful situations either, as life can be tough!

This makes the importance of self-care even more profound and highlights the need to carve plenty of ‘me time’ in your busy schedule.
The good news is, taking care of yourself doesn’t always have to involve big, grand gestures. There are smaller ways to practise self-care, too!

The steps to ‘investing in myself’

Looking after your mental health and general wellbeing should be a continuous process, but also include plenty of variety.

However, it’s not simply a matter of snatching a posh coffee occasionally, hitting the gym, or even indulging in a Spa Day once in a while.

Everyone needs to slow down and recognise their own self-worth and achievements like those daily wins that can go unnoticed by even the closest of family and friends. You need to reward your unique and incredible individuality!

Much revolves around convincing yourself that you ‘deserve’ to put yourself first on a regular basis. That can mean working out what you really enjoy, then ring-fencing the time and money to make those things happen.

The best self-care activities for you

Finding what’s best for you can be tricky if you have precious little time to cruise the Caribbean, dine in the South of France or trek up to Everest. Your self-care projects and treats may need to be things you can slot easily into daily life, and your budget!

This could include, for example, splashing out on a wardrobe item that is ‘extra’ simply because it gives you a great shape and makes you feel really special when you wear it.

Or maybe buying the most expensive perfume, a designer handbag or signing up for a totally frivolous evening school course!

Another excellent way to show yourself that you matter is the ‘Love, Me x’ ring from Roseanna Croft Jewellery. This delicate thing of beauty makes a strong statement. As women we have a right – if not a duty – to make choices for ourselves and invest in owning items that bring us long-term enjoyment, not just a five-minute pick-me-up!

Incidentally, buying a stunning Love, Me x ring is not just about you! 5% of profits from each one goes to Birmingham-based female employment initiative Smart Works!

Invest in your body, and mind, to be your best self

Everyone around you will benefit if you practice the principles of self-care and make yourself feel more grounded, confident and relaxed.

However, the main thing is to set aside any lingering guilt and remember that the most important person you need to please, is you!

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