How To Reinvent Your Divorce Diamonds


Are you looking for a way to breathe new life into some of your divorce diamonds? Would you like to repurpose your engagement ring in a meaningful way? Here are a few innovative and creative ideas for reinventing your divorce diamonds to give them a more positive meaning.


If you love your ring and wish to maintain the key features of it, it's possible to update it so that it simply looks more fashionable. We understand that wedding and engagement rings can evoke a range of emotions, so we're happy to talk to you about your traditional pieces of jewellery and explain how we can give them a modern, 21st-century twist. Rather than keeping your beautiful jewellery locked in a drawer to forget about all that you've been through, why not make some amazing new memories instead?


Complete Transformations

However, if you want to completely repurpose your divorce diamonds and jewellery pieces, rather than simply modernising them, we can do this too! Even though your marriage is over, there is no reason why your beloved diamonds can't look beautiful. Transforming them in this way also allows you to mark (or celebrate!) a new chapter in your life. Below are just some of the amazing things we can do with your leftover diamonds from old relationships.


Old Wedding Rings Redesigned

Your old wedding ring can become whatever you want it to be. Maybe you’d like to melt down the metal and turn it into a sparkly pair of earrings or a stunning statement necklace – the ultimate power move of taking what no longer defines you, and creating your real reflection once more. Life has many chapters and you are the one who decides when the next one starts – and what better way to mark the occasion with a physical transformation that mirrors the spiritual? Redesign your old wedding ring and wear your new piece with pride.


Making Multiple Pieces

If your ring contains more than one diamond, you can actually turn this single piece of jewellery into multiple items, including bracelets, pendants, necklaces and earrings. Quite often, divorce is amicable, so if you want to have a keepsake of your time together, dismantling your rings and using them to create meaningful items is a great idea. Even if you don't feel comfortable keeping them, why not pass them on to your children?

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