In The Run Up To Christmas, Support a Small Business.

This is a topic quite close to my heart, being a small business owner, but also being a lover of all things handmade and unique. I’m writing this to express how important I think it is we support other small and local businesses, especially in the exciting run up to Christmas.

Who has ever dreamed of opening a ‘little blue box’ from the magnificent Tiffany’s? I have. But that was before I learned my craft, before I became a trained goldsmith with dreams and ambitions of opening my own jewellery store one day. And in the process, realising how hard it is and therefore, how special those little handmade pieces are.

All of my time and effort, love and passion goes into every hour I spend working on my business, whether I’m creating a new range, designing a bespoke piece, or simply doing my accounts.

We should be celebrating the small and local businesses who work every hour sent, in order to carry on another year, and in our economy, it’s not easy. But we still do it, because it’s what we love, and what we were put on this planet to do.

We dream of being big designers or brands and we don’t let those who thinking we’re aiming too high bring us down, even though we know we may not make it – at least we tried! We know in our hearts we’re selling top, high quality products made with love and skill and we enjoy every minute.

So, I’d like to encourage you to head out to local Christmas markets this year and enjoy the mulled wine while browsing the unique stalls. Wander into those little local shops in your village or town. Buy those homemade chutneys and mince pies, that handmade diamond ring, those knitted socks and buy the stunning piece of art you get lost in.

You never know what you might find, and you’ll be giving someone a gift made with love and skill as well as helping those stall owners buy beautiful gifts for their family. It’s worth it isn’t it?