New Year, New Jewellery


Unlike a lot of people, January is one of my favourite months.  It’s a time for reflection, new starts, for setting goals and for de-cluttering both mind and life.

It makes you feel like anything can happen, like the possibilities are endless.


How do you start off a new chapter?  I would imagine that like most people you have a good clear out.  The phrase ‘tidy space, tidy mind’ is definitely one that I think of often.  I work better when I have no distractions or mess around me.


The best thing about organising is the treasures you come across.  It could be an old letter from a beau, a child’s drawing or even a forgotten piece of jewellery.  There is something very special about an heirloom piece, like a link from you to your loved one that will never be broken while ever you have that to cherish. Fashions and trends change, so while the piece may not to be your taste, you still want to embrace the story it tells.  At Roseanna Croft it has been our great pleasure to take an old ring, stones from some earrings, an antique bracelet etc and sit with you and hear your story.  We have given lustre back to many mislaid treasures and brought them back to life.  After all, jewellery is made to be worn, not to be pushed to the back of a drawer or in a dusty loft.  Here are a few pieces that we have redesigned and an idea of the process that is involved. If you purchase our Bespoke Design Experience voucher you will be able to experience this for yourself whilst enjoying a Champagne Afternoon Tea.   Our designer will sketch out your ideas as you browse beautiful gemstones.  So that the story of the piece can continue to be told, upon collection you will receive your very own storybook – A Tale of Your Bespoke Piece.  Please contact us via our website or email

Happy New Year and Best Wishes