Jewellery Redesign: Expectations Vs Reality



We all have pieces of jewellery that we never wear but simply sit gathering dust in our jewellery box. Perhaps these pieces are sentimental, gifted or you have just grown out of the style they are. Many people will assume that unwanted jewellery is to be either kept in the bottom of a jewellery box - never to be worn again - or sold on for cash, which I would never recommend.


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Luckily, there is a much better alternative.


Redesigning Your Precious Jewellery    


Did you know that old jewellery can be redesigned into new pieces that you will love? That's right! At Roseanna Croft Jewellery, we know how hard it can be to part with precious jewellery, so our team of specialists are able to fashion your old pieces into brand new jewels that you will want to wear every day!


The 18ct white gold bangle above is one of our fabulous redesigns that was made from pieces of antique jewellery that were never worn. We worked with the client and decided to keep the old, round sapphires and diamonds but added some new baguette sapphires to create a statement piece. This is just one example of the many pieces of beloved jewellery that we have managed to transform into much loved pieces.


What To Expect


If you have a piece of much cherished jewellery that you adore for who it originally belonged to or where it came from, but you never wear it because it just isn’t you, hang onto it – with just a couple of months and attention to detail, you’ll be able to work with a redesign expert to create a beautiful new piece of jewellery made out of those very same jewels and metals. You’ll still carry the cherished heirloom with you – but in a shape that truly allows you to feel like yourself.


Myself and our team of experts will work collaboratively with you to ensure that all work is carried out to your requirements. The process typically takes 8-12 weeks, from consultation up to completion of the final piece.


With time, funding and love, we can transform your old jewellery into the new jewellery of dreams. Redesigning may seem more expensive than selling it on for quick cash, but the process allows you to keep hold of sentimental items and get years more wear out of them. Be warned if you choose to sell it for cash - you will never get the piece's true value!


Finally, many of us wear jewellery just because it makes us feel more like “us” – and what could be more “you” than a piece that you’ve designed yourself? To truly be one-of-a-kind, bespoke jewellery made from a piece that you’ve already held onto for years, with lots of emotional value embedded in those jewels, is truly unbeatable.


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