Jewellery Remodelling – Antique Rings to One of a Kind Necklace

What to do With Inherited Jewellery

Today let me tell you a tale of a customer of mine who came to see me with some antique jewellery she never wore. The jewellery had been passed down and was sat in her jewellery box not doing anything until her next-door neighbour showed her what I had previously created for her.

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This is a common scenario, people being passed down jewellery and not being able to wear it due to the condition of the pieces or just due to the fact it doesn’t suit them. Instead of your jewellery just gathering dust, I see this as a way to get creative and give this jewellery new life by remodelling it into something you will love to wear.


Jewellery Remodelling Process

So, I sat down with my customer and we discussed what she liked and didn’t like, and we knew one day this would be passed to her daughter. She wanted something quite simple but at the same time something that was different and elegant.


In her rings were a variety of jewels from Sapphire, Emerald and Old Cut Diamonds. One of my favourite design styles when we have lots of different gemstone sizes and types is to set them in an open, asymmetric design so we don’t attract to one particular stone but all of them as a whole. It’s a design style I have developed over my many years of remodelling old jewellery, especially when working with my uncle, a goldsmith with over 30 years experience.


This pendant was quite a bit larger than what she had originally thought she wanted for but she absolutely loved the design and couldn’t wait to wear it once made.


We selected the best stones, including the sapphires and old cut diamonds and set them in yellow gold, framed by the white gold of the pendant. A really timeless design that I think you will agree will be cherished forever.


If you have jewellery gathering dust in your jewellery box, please don’t hesitate to contact us to arrange an informal chat about your jewellery. Your chat can be virtual or at our offices in Bakewell or London.


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