Just A Few Reasons To Buy New Jewellery (You Don’t HAVE To Wait For A Special Occasion!)

Can’t stop thinking about that gorgeous silver ring? Eyeing up the matching earrings to your favourite rose quartz necklace? Maybe it’s that delicate rose-gold bracelet that’s been calling your name…


Buying jewellery for yourself can sometimes feel like over-indulgence, like you’re splashing out on something extravagant. But there are many reasons why women the world over choose to celebrate themselves with jewels, gems and precious metals.

In this article, we cover the top three reasons why you should go ahead and get that piece of jewellery you’ve had on your wish-list since forever!


1) Boost Your Mood

It’s a known fact – wearing jewellery makes us feel special. Whether your earrings, necklace, ring or bracelet were a gift, or whether you bought them yourself, taking those few extra minutes in the morning to put your favourite pieces on can have a real positive impact on how you feel throughout the day. After all, jewellery is an incredibly personal choice, unique to each individual, and is a great form of self-expression.


So, if you’re ummming and ahhhing about those earrings or that pendant, don’t overthink it – go right ahead. Not only will the act of treating yourself to something beautiful that you really want give you a serious lift, but putting it on each morning will give you a daily boost of confidence that you just can’t fake.


2) Feel Empowered

You know who comes adorned with jewels? People who decide that they matter. What better way to celebrate yourself and your achievements than to treat yourself to a sweet little topaz ring or amber drop earrings? You don’t have to wait for your guy or girl to treat you – you can take control of your own destiny and give yourself that gift.


3) Embrace The New

Maybe you’re feeling a bit more “statement” lately, or you like to lighten up some darker looks with dainty, delicate jewellery. Whatever your reason for adding to your jewellery collection, you can upgrade whenever you want. Whether you’re into gothic jewellery but you have your sunnier days, or you feel that 2019 is the year to embrace a different shade of gold, changing up your style is always fun! Obviously, you don’t have to toss out your old pieces. Keep them in a safe place for a day that they really reflect you again. In the meantime, have a browse around our site for inspiration – you never know what might be completely you until you try it on!


Ready To Treat Yourself?

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