Keeping Your Relationship Strong in a Pandemic

We’re in the midst of a pandemic and now have to self-isolate so how do you keep your relationship strong?

The world has changed so dramatically for everyone in a matter of days and our strength is going to be seriously tested.

I know, I’m a jewellery designer not a relationship therapist but being in a relationship myself (and both leading very busy lives) I know its going to take a lot of effort on both parts to stay strong ad grow together in this time.

I have written some tips I have seen around the internet recently and from my own experience that I think could help us all get through this!

  1. Keep the romance alive – Have dates, turn the dining room into a restaurant and enjoy the bottle of wine you have been saving for a special occasion, what’s more special than being locked in together? When you nip out for the weekly shop, come home with some flowers or a treat you know your spouse will love. ‘Woo’ each other again. And have lots of sex.
  2. Have a special project – embark on a special project that you can do together, whether that is learning a new language or designing a bespoke piece of jewellery (which can be done virtually!) You don’t just need to rely on Netflix to pass the time.
  3. Give each other space – if you’re working from home and it’s possible, set up your offices in separate rooms and don’t disturb each other while you’re working. Maybe make time to have lunch together but other than that pretend you are in different buildings.
  4. Recognise each others needs – recognise your spouse may not be coping as well as they say they are (you may notice this in snappy, tetchy comments or if she suddenly starts crying because she realised one of the eggs she bought has cracked.) People are going to cope with this differently as we have never been through it before. Have patients and respect their emotions.
  5. Be grateful – Be grateful for the time you have together, if you have kids use this as a once in a lifetime holiday you will never have again. Gratitude for each other, the good bits and the bad bits will make each day brighter, I promise.

This is a unique time and people (including myself) keep saying this will make or break relationships but I personally think it could be the making of all of us.

I have already heard of people getting engaged whilst in self-isolation which makes my heart swell! While you have so much time on your hands you could use it to design a bespoke piece of jewellery together, whether it is an engagement ring or your wedding rings – anything is possible.

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