Lace – The Latest Jewellery Collection


Our latest jewellery collection ‘Lace’ is inspired by, you guessed it, lace! But, one piece of lace in particular.

Over a year ago now I was with my grandma going through some old boxes in her attic. We found her wedding dress from the 40’s which because of rationing she couldn’t have the dress she dreamed of as a little girl. The war had taken its toll on every aspect of life, but she said she felt so lucky to have her love in her life still.

The one splurge she made for her wedding was this beautiful piece of french lace. The delicate lace trim was such an intrinsic part of that special day inspired me to recreate that sentiment in a way that can be worn every day.

For me lace has the unique ability to reveal and conceal. It can be sultry and empowering or used on bridal wear it gives a dreamy, elegant look. It’s how lace makes a woman feel.

About the confidence a woman feels on her wedding day, and the confidence she feels when she is wearing beautiful clothes.

The collection began with our stacking rings, with their cut out details they fit beautifully together for an effortless, feminine look. Its now developed into a full collection that allows the wearer to bring a touch of sentiment and elegance to their day to day.

We love to tell a story with our jewellery and this collection tells the story of love, strength and passion. We can carry these sentiments with us every day by wearing this collection which I think is really special.

The collection will be available to view and purchase at our event next Friday in Bakewell and will also be available to purchase online soon.