Learn About Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring: The Magical Journey

For the last few months Roseanna has been learning as much as she can about diamonds and gemstones to give you the best advice possible when it comes to your engagement ring. Roseanna has just completed the De Beers Diamond Foundation Course (and passed with flying colours) where she greatly expanded her knowledge beyond the 4C’s of colour, clarity, carat and cut.

We know that buying a diamond engagement ring is a big investment into your relationship and an exciting time but we also understand you want to be certain of what you’re buying and that you’re working with someone you trust. Read on to find out what Roseanna learned!


What is a Diamond and How Did They Get Here?

A diamond is not just a stunning gemstone but it is a complex material made up of a phenomenal atomic structure. It’s thanks to this atomic structure and the elements found in them that give us the unique characteristics we read about in the 4C’s.


The three properties needed to create a diamond are carbon, heat and pressure. If we add some nitrogen into the mix we could end up with a fancy yellow diamond!


Millions of years ago volcanic pipes brought diamonds up from deep in the earth’s mantle and we have found diamond deposits all over the world. Mining is not a simple process and takes huge investments of time and money to find these rare gems.


From Rough Diamond to Round Brilliant Diamond

Once the rough diamonds have been mined they are sorted into sizes and estimated colour and clarity and sold to select members of the jewellery trade in preparation for being cut and selected for a piece of fine or bespoke jewellery.


Diamond cutting is a highly technical process and can take weeks to fully cut and polish all 58 facets of a round brilliant diamond. It can take years from the day a diamond is mined to the day it is placed in your engagement ring!


Once the diamond has been cut and graded, it awaits a jewellery designer to design and create what could be your engagement ring like a diamond solitaire.


This is an extremely brief version of the magical journey a diamond actually goes through and the whole process takes billions of years. One of the reasons they are so valuable.


Diamonds are a stunning gemstone and are the perfect jewel to place in your engagement ring, whether its a cushion cut, a marquise cut or an emerald cut diamond.


It may seem like learning about diamonds is a bit of a minefield but that is why we do it for you. We can help you cut through the information out there to understand the important things you need to know when it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring.


To learn more about designing a bespoke engagement ring and ask our experts any questions you may have about diamonds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.