Love Stories in Jewellery by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Love Stories in Jewellery – What Story Can You Tell?

How many love stories are attached to your jewellery? From the first promise ring you were gifted by your first boyfriend to your engagement ring. Jewellery is full of love stories.

I could tell you a story for every piece of jewellery I own. The cross I was given when I was bridesmaid for my father, age 11. When I was 15, I was given a heart necklace from a ‘boyfriend’ at the time. Growing up, I was given a Georg Jensen necklace at 21 by my mother. At 18 and 21 I was given a beautiful Amethyst ring for each birthday, one purple and one green, to this day I will still be wearing either or, most of the time!


Nowadays, with my profession, it’s a bit harder for people to give me jewellery but that makes it even more special! I now have gemstones I own that are precious to me and tell a story. Like the story behind the Rose Quartz in the Love Lesson earrings.


What jewellery do you own that tells a magnificent love story? Perhaps you have inherited someone else’s love story? Your mother or grandmother’s? I have inherited a bracelet made from my great grandfather’s pocket watch, an antique and an heirloom, it’s very special to me.


This is what makes jewellery so special, not only is it delightful to look at and a savvy investment, it is also a wearable storybook! It has the power to carry memories forever, in the form of precious metals and gemstones. Isn’t that so romantic?


So, what love story are you telling this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps one with our one of a kind, Rose Gold, ‘Love Lesson’ earrings? Maybe you want your loved one to have a Bespoke experience! Or perhaps you’ll be getting on one knee…


Whatever you’re doing, remember the importance of the love story you’re about to create and tell it well.