Five Ways To Love Yourself More

Looking for ways to love yourself more?  ‘Love, Me’ is designed to ignite the fire of love for you, as a person, within yourself.

Not only is there doom and gloom everywhere you look at the moment, life has become so busy that it’s increasingly difficult to take time for yourself and to love yourself more.

There are photoshopped images of perfect bodies and snapshots of dream lifestyles all over social media that can leave us feeling despondent and less than enough if.  If you haven’t yet ordered your ‘Love, Me’ ring or are waiting for that exciting delivery, here are some tips in the meantime to keep you positive and focused on yourself.

  1. Schedule screen down-time – Not only is it not productive to scroll incessantly through social media, if we are glued to our phone in the evening it can affect our quality of sleep.
  2. Speaking of sleep, sleep is Queen! When we have had enough sleep we are more efficient throughout the day and are also less likely to reach for high sugar snacks.  Double bonus!
  3. Don’t be list-less. Lists are great for clearing your mind of those nagging jobs that occupy your brain and leave you feeling frazzled.  Write them down rather than having them on your phone to limit screen time even more and to make it really satisfying when you get to tick them off.
  4. Read a book. This could be a nail-biting thriller or an intellectual non-fiction, but either way you are escaping and expanding your mind.  It will force you to relax and be in the moment.
  5. Just five minutes of focusing on your breathing and being still can create a wonderful sense of inner calmness.  I like to do mine just before bedtime as part of my evening routine as it lets my body know that we are slowing down.

We hope these small things add up to big changes if you’re feeling like your self-care isn’t what it should be at the moment.  If you would like a daily reminder to choose yourself, click on the link below and start your self-love journey right now.


Roseanna & Co x