Love, Me x


More women are buying themselves jewellery than ever before.  They are celebrating their independence and showing a strong sense of self-love.

They have worked hard and want to start enjoying the fruits of their labour.  There is a stage a woman gets to in life when they no longer choose their jewellery to make a fashion statement; it becomes a status symbol, a mark of who they are and when it comes to heirlooms, a tale of where they have been.


Gone are the days of waiting around for a man to ‘treat you’ to a Diamond ring.  You don’t need a partner to complete you or make you happy.  You only need to love yourself.  If a couple can signify their love and commitment with a ring, why can’t you?   Commit to your individual truth, commit to your inner happiness, commit to you.


Many women now have various roles.  They are CEO’s, mothers, partners, carers.  They are powerhouses at work, go out of their way to be a good friend and are always there for their family.  When do you take time to pamper and treat yourself?  You deserve a ‘Love, Me’ ring.  Every time the sparkle of the Diamond catches the light it will be a subtle reminder to check in with yourself.  In a society that is constantly on the go and in a world of so many opportunities, taking time out for yourself to check in can prevent burnout and fatigue, so that you can carry on your journey of success.


Our ‘Love, Me’ ring is designed and expertly handcrafted is 18ct yellow, white or rose Gold and boasts an exquisite lab-grown pear shaped Diamond.  Not only is it a statement that you are a successful woman with the confidence to treat herself to jewellery, it is also something that can be passed down to the next generation of strong girls looking to women like you for inspiration and guidance.  You are strong, you are powerful, you are worth it.

Warm wishes,

Roseanna & Co x