Luxury Gift Giving for Valentine’s



As we reflect on Valentine’s week, we consider how a traditional notion of love turns it up a notch with a more luxury gift!



Cards and Luxury Cards

Perhaps the most simple way to tell someone you love them, the written word. These days it doesn’t have to be ‘hallmark’ shout it from the rooftops! It can be said by an olive, a pretty love heart, or in the form of a sarcastic joke!

Or you could say it for $400(usd) with a card that has with Swarovski crystal lettering; arrives in a tassel bound, couture silk box and is a hand painted, signed and numbered by the artist. How about that for a luxury ‘I Love You’!?


Chocolate and Luxury Chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Okay, I know not everyone does but for the majority it’s heaven! Dark, milk, white – I love it all! Off the shelf – Galaxy is my favourite though, it’s so creamy and silky!

But for you, perhaps a box of Debauve & Gallais’s Le Livre? At $550usd a box? They do sound heavenly, a gold-embossed box of 35 pralines and ganaches, which originally celebrated the chocolatier’s 200th anniversary back in 2000. Yes please for luxury chocolate!

Debauve & Gallais’s Le Livre


Roses are red, Violets are blue...


Roses and Luxury Roses

I love Roses, to me they are the epitome of elegance and luxury. When it comes to gift giving if I’m honest, I’d be more than happy with a bunch from the local supermarket as a sign of affection and gratitude! After all it’s the thought that counts isn’t it!?

Now, I could go on to talk about that £9000 bunch of red roses sold in 2016… However, have you ever seen the Juliet Rose? Talk about beauty and luxury. They are simply stunning and I would feel so lucky to receive a bunch of these! In fact, I think we should all treat ourselves! Do you agree?

Juliet Rose


Jewellery and Luxury Fashion Jewellery

Now we’re talking. Okay, not ruby-dipped diamond rings, or sapphire-coated, diamond pendants (although we can if you want!) But luxury fashion jewellery we can do.

For Valentine’s our Pearl J’adore collection is perfect. Handmade, Sterling Silver love hearts with white or black pearls. Do you have anything you’d like to add to our luxury gifts list!? What’s the most luxurious Valentine’s gift you’ve ever received?

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