Old Cut Diamonds

Could you tell the difference between an old cut Diamond and a round cut?  This week we are looking at old cut Diamonds and how you can distinguish between the two.

 If you have ever shopped for a Diamond you will be familiar with the four ‘C’s.  Many people focus on the other three, but how a Diamond is cut is a crucial factor influencing its beauty.  Cut is so much more than just the Diamond’s shape.  Even if you compare Diamonds of the same shape, its symmetry, proportions, polish, number of facets and the proportions of the facets can have a huge effect on how well the Diamond reflects light.  These same attributes are what sets old cut Diamonds apart from the more modern round brilliant cut.     

A history of old cut Diamonds

In the late 1800’s there were significant advances in the art of Diamond cutting.  They involved steam driven and motorised tools that enable cutters to shape Diamonds more precisely.  Changes to the number, placement and proportion of facets resulted in more brilliant Diamonds than ever before. 

Old cut Diamonds are recognisable by their round outline, fair symmetry, high crown, small table, circular girdle, large facets and in many cases, a flat and polished culet.  This all sounds very complicated and a bit like gibberish but if you see the image below it should make a bit more sense. 

old cut diamondsRound cut Diamonds are cut in such a way that the light enters it and bounces right back out, giving it that brilliant white sparkle.  The sparkle of old cut Diamonds is deeper and warmer, making it a star performer in candle and low light, drawing the eye into the stone.

Characteristics of old cut Diamonds

If you look from above an old cut Diamond will be almost perfectly round, just like a round brilliant cut.  It will have a small table or top facet and will have generally have a taller crown (the portion above the stone above the widest point) than we see on modern cut stones.  One of the main things people love about old cut Diamonds is that they were cut by hand.  This means that each one has its own recognisable sparkle due to the shape, size and placement of its facets.   It also means that they’ll lack the symmetrical precision we’ve come to expect in modern cuts, giving old cut Diamonds unique character and little differences.

So whatever you go for, whether it’s a romantic old cut Diamond with its history and craftsmanship, or a round cut with its incredible lustre and sparkle, you can’t go wrong with a Diamond.  They are both great choices for an engagement ring and whichever you go for, you or your partner are sure to treasure it for years to come.  Please click below to download our engagement ring guide.

Love, Roseanna & Co x

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