One of a Kind Diamond Ring

We talk a lot at Roseanna Croft about you deserving nice jewellery.  We have a collection of self-love jewellery that is designed as a reminder that you don’t need a special occasion to buy a Diamond, nor do you need to wait for someone to buy it for you. 


Our message must be getting through because we’ve seen an influx of women ‘treating themselves’ to new pieces or giving their jewellery wardrobe a new lease of life by redesigning some of their old pieces. 


The proud owner of this one of a kind Diamond ring came into our boutique in Bakewell and said “I want to buy a Diamond”, to which of course, we said yes!  Roseanna sat her down for a design consultation and sketched out some ideas.   Together it was decided that an oval Diamond would be beautiful.  This lady’s husband has a Celtic inspired wedding band so Roseanna sketched out something that would perfectly compliment his ring.  The ring is made from 18ct yellow gold and I’m sure you’ll agree is just beautiful.   


Not only was the oval Diamond absolutely gorgeous, it is also incredible quality.  If you’ve been watching our IGTVs or reading our blogs you will know all about ‘the 4 C’s’ and how crucial they are when choosing a Diamond.  This Diamond was classified as VVS 2 F.  Which means it is very, very slightly included and pretty much colourless.  You can tell by the way it sparkles how magnificent it is!


Not many people can say that they have a piece of jewellery that is 100% unique to them, and that they have had input into designing and seeing the process from start to finish.  It is something truly special that carries your story with you and that you can pass down for generations to come.


If you’ve decided the time has come for you to buy yourself a Diamond, please click on the link below and before you know it you will be in our Bakewell boutique choosing a Diamond of your very own, to set in your own piece of bespoke jewellery.


Love, Roseanna & Co 

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