Our Princess Kate’s Wedding Jewels.


If there’s one person in the world that collectively gives us life, it’s definitely Kate Middleton. She’s a style icon and our real life, modern, Princess. Whether she’s raising future Kings or just going down the shops (although she probably has someone to do that for her now) she is always looking gorgeous and classically on fleek. But for a jewellery designer like me (and a person with eyes), fashion and handbags are nice, but it’s all about those royal jewels!


From her vintage engagement ring to super affordable handmade earrings, the Duchess of Cambridge has worn it all. So without further ado, here’s my run down of what our nation’s sweetheart wore best on her wedding day:


The Engagement Ring



The Engagement Ring


A stunning piece of jewellery that deserves to be top of this list, Kate’s Garrard & Co engagement ring isn’t just a sparkling oval Ceylon sapphire, it’s also Prince William’s late mother Princess Diana’s ring. With 14 diamonds wrapped around a 12-carat stone, and a heartwarming gesture from the future King, I can’t help but fall head over heels for this royal ring.


The Wedding Day Tiara



The Tiara

Initially belonging to her future grandmother-in-law – The Queen – Kate definitely had ‘something borrowed’ when she wore her 1936 Cartier ‘Halo’ tiara to her wedding ceremony in 2011. Made up of 739 diamonds and 149 batons, this family heirloom is also known as the Scroll Tiara and is definitely fit for a princess.


The Matching Earrings


When you’re a member of the royal family you can’t just throw any old thing on when you go out. Co-ordination is key, and Kate’s parents followed this principle when they picked out a wedding gift for their daughter. Commissioning a pair of matching earrings designed by London jewelers Robinson Pelham that mirrored the scroll elements in her Halo tiara, these £15,000 earrings also contain the image of an acorn and oak leaves, which are part of the Middleton family coat of arms.



The Earrings

As beautiful and elegant as these pieces are, Kate’s jewellery collection isn’t all expensive diamonds and royal jewellers. The Princess has also been seen wearing necklaces from Zara, Serretta earrings and Links of London items adorning her royal highness. See, she’s just like us!