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How Can An Engagement Or Wedding Ring Be Redesigned?

Eventually, the time can come to breathe new life into an old ring. Whether your old engagement ring or wedding ring has simply worn down over the years or you simply want to move forward into a new chapter in your life with a statement piece of jewellery to mark the fresh start, you might want a redesign of your ring.  

The Milestone Diamond Ring

Imagine being given a diamond for every decade you have lived on this planet. Well with our new collection we have made that possible!

What Are Your Options With Old Or Broken Jewellery?

If you have old or broken jewellery lying around at home, it can be difficult to know what to do with it, especially if it has sentimental value. You may have pieces that have been gifted to you but aren’t quite your style. However, you don’t need to leave your old  jewellery gathering dust at the bottom of a drawer, as many of us are guilty of doing! Consider some of the below options to give your jewellery a new lease of life.  

4 Top Tips For Redesigning Jewellery

Redesigning your jewellery can be a great way to repair and rejuvenate your key pieces. By transforming an older or less appealing item of jewellery, you can make sure items in your collection aren't left to gather dust by redesigning them into something new and sparkling. We know every piece has a story to tell, so it's worth considering a few things before resurrecting your neglected jewellery.  

What Should You Do With Inherited Or Found Jewellery?

Jewellery can be some of the most special and symbolic items that you own. Each piece has its own sentimental value and meaning, and you treasure it as much as you wear it.  

Design Yourself a Cocktail Ring

Have you ever thought about designing yourself a ring ‘just because?’ Maybe a cocktail ring or redesigning some of your old jewellery. A piece to empower you and bring glamour into your life?  

Jewellery Redesign: Expectations Vs Reality

    We all have pieces of jewellery that we never wear but simply sit gathering dust in our jewellery box. Perhaps these pieces are sentimental, gifted or you have just grown out of the style they are. Many people will assume that unwanted jewellery is to be either kept in the bottom of a jewellery box - never to be worn again - or sold on for cash, which I would never recommend.  

The True Cost Of Redesigning or Remodelling Jewellery in the UK

The True Cost Of Jewellery Remodelling How much jewellery do you have lying in your jewellery box going to waste? Pieces you inherited from your grandmother or great aunt; pieces you wore in another chapter of your life but are attached to old meaning. The cost of jewellery redesign is not about money it is about what the jewellery means to you, meant to you, and can mean to you again. Remodelling your old jewellery is an investment in you and your life.

How A Redesign Can Increase The Value Of Your Jewellery

Having a piece of jewellery redesigned can be a very rewarding process. Whether you have slightly adjusted the design of the piece or gone for an entire overhaul, you are probably wondering how the value of the jewellery has changed. My question to you is, what is the value of it if it's just gathering dust and not being worn?

Being a Business for Good

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