Do You Buy Your Jewellery From Pandora’s box? by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Are you finding your jewellery in Pandora’s box?

How many times have you met another lady and she’s said, ‘I have that ring!’ or ‘I have that charm on my bracelet!’ The high street produces some beautiful fashion jewellery. It must be beautiful because everybody buys it, don’t they?


pandora's box


Affordable, adorable, mass produced and machine made. 


I remember when I was a teenager and I just wanted to look like the other girls, wear the same trousers as them and do my hair the same. But as I’ve grown up I want to celebrate my individuality because as humans, we aren’t mass produced. So why should we act like it?


I love bespoke. I love to be unique and own beautiful pieces that no one else has. And I bet you do as well.

It’s so exciting to sit at the design table and look through gemstones and talk about how you imagine the piece of jewellery to look. Or to look through handmade collections in a jewellery boutique and know that no 2 items are the same, because they haven’t been stamped out of a machine.


You feel truly special after such an experience and you will find so much appreciation for your piece – you’ll never buy high street jewellery again. Do you really want to queue up to search through Pandora’s Box to find the lady next to you buying the same ring?


At Roseanna Croft Jewellery, this is something we want you to experience. Browsing through gemstones sipping on prosecco. Whether it is for your wedding jewellery, a special birthday or simply just because (that’s the best reason!) you deserve this luxury experience and you’ll fall in love with the process as well as the finished treasure.


You can find out about the bespoke design process and book your free design consultation with us here. You won’t look back.