Five Ways To Make Her Perfect Proposal a Reality


You’re about to ask the person of your dreams to marry you, let us help you plan the perfect proposal!

We know it can be nerve-wracking but it’s a once in a lifetime moment that you will want to make the most of.  Here are five tips to create a moment of pure romance.

  1. A Keepsake

  2. If your fiancé is anything like me they will have a drawer or a box full of items that remind them of special moments.  Why not give them something tangible they can treasure or put in a scrap book.  Whether it’s a photobook, a love letter, a poem or a prop from your proposal, it’s something that when she comes across it at home in the future she will be transported right back to that moment and is something she will without a doubt adore forever.
  4. A Personal Touch

  5. Particularly if you have gone to the effort of creating a bespoke ring, don’t forget about those little touches that make your proposal truly special.  Maybe get her favourite flowers, have her favourite song playing, make her favourite dessert.  These personal things will heighten the romance tenfold.
  2. Woo her!

  3. As nervous as you might be, it’s so important to focus on wooing rather than worrying.  Try to focus on the amazing step you are making and the memories you are creating rather than if everything is absolutely perfect.  Concentrate on how amazing she is in your eyes and she will be in heaven when you get down on one knee.
  1. Capture the moment

  2. Photos are a given if you can find a way to make it work without giving the game away, but if you can include a video into your budget and plan, do it!  Whether you hire a professional to capture the moment, or ask a friend to go incognito to get it on video, being able to actually watch it unfold is like your own personal rom com.
  1. Get down on one knee

  2. It may be an old tradition but for many it’s a very important one.  It was originally said to be a sign of deep respect which is incredibly romantic and melts our hearts, but more importantly, melts hers!

Enjoy your special moment and if we have created your engagement ring for you we would love for you to share your story with us.  If you haven’t chosen a ring yet please feel free to get in touch and one of our design specialists will get back to you.


Roseanna & Co x