Pink Engagement Rings: Top 5 Gemstone Options

If your fiancee to be has her own mind and is a modern woman, embracing her true self, then I doubt she is ashamed of her love of the colour pink and her desires for a pink engagement ring.

Pink is the colour we were given when we were born and some women, like me, have truly embraced the colour, some women becoming it. To me, it is a colour that represents love and it can be extremely romantic and sensual.

It is traditionally feminine and charming and spiritually is a sign of hope and nurture so perfect for an engagement ring in my opinion, portraying unconditional and romantic love.

So which pink gemstones would look amazing and be suitable for your engagement ring? Below are my top three…


Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pink Sapphires vary in colour and can come in delicate shades of rosy pink to deep sensual pinks (the cost of a sapphire depends on the colour generally) and the higher the chromium content of a sapphire, the deeper the pink hue.

Sapphire is a hardness of 9 on the Mohs Scale and are tough enough to be worn everyday in an engagement ring.


Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

A variety of pink sapphire, the Padparadscha sapphire has a peachier hue and recently hit the news when seen in Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring.

Exceedingly rare and valuable these are a great choice if you are looking for something ‘exotic.’ They remind me of the sunset (a marriage of yellow sapphire and a ruby) so could it get more perfect than whisking her away to propose with a beautiful sunset backdrop?

Fun fact: Padparadscha is pronounced pad-pah-raj-ah and means Lotus blossom in Sinhalese – the gem is mostly found in Sri Lanka.


Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

A stone that encourages self-love and for someone to genuinely love another, I believe they must love themselves first. What a way to show your support of a strong woman than encouraging her own love for herself and each other with a pink tourmaline engagement ring.

They vary in colour from pale pink to deep red and are the stone of the Heart Chakra – appropriate, no?

The cost of a pink tourmaline, much like most gemstones, is dependant on the colour and clarity of the stone. They can cost less than sapphires but a clean stone over 5 carats can be very valuable. They are 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness and have fair durability, meaning they’re suitable for an engagement ring but care must be taken!


Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

What would a blog post about pink engagement rings be without a mention of a Pink Diamond engagement ring? One thing you need to know is that pink diamonds are extremely rare and valuable and you’re looking at tens of thousands of pounds per carat. Their value is going up even more since the closure of the Argyll mine where most pink diamonds came from.

Thought to represent happiness and delight, well, what woman wouldn’t be delighted in presented with a pink diamond engagement ring?

Pink diamonds can also look great as smaller accent stones surrounding a white or champagne diamond, so you don’t have to have the diamond as the centre stone.


Morganite Engagement Ring

Another peachy and romantic pink gemstone is the Morganite. The colour hues range from delicate, rose pink to a more orange-peach colour. They have a high degree of brilliance and are durable enough to be worn in an engagement ring.

Interestingly, named to honour JP Morgan for his support of arts and sciences and the gifts of his gems to the American Museum of Natural History.

Strong colour in Morganite is rare and therefore these stones are more valuable, especially the larger the gemstone is but for the majority, Morganite is an extremely affordable and pretty stone for an engagement ring.


In summary, there are many beautiful pink gemstones suitable for your engagement ring and they look wonderful set in a mixture of rose and white gold to make the most of the pink hues. Scatter a halo of white diamonds around them to give them extra sparkle and you have a masterpiece in the making.

If you’re interested in a pink engagement ring using one of the gemstones I have mentioned above then please reach out using the contact form below and one of our designers will be in touch for a chat about which gemstone you desire to use.