What is a Promise Ring by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Gifting a promise ring to your loved one is a sign of your commitment to each other. It’s often given as a reflection of devotion for couples who aren’t ready to be engaged yet.

A promise ring is a number of things, I promise to always love you or I’m serious about you and this relationship. My favourite reason is I promise to be your best friend always.


What do promise rings look like?

They are generally a delicate ring and quite simple in their design. Perhaps a thin gold band with a simple Diamond or other gemstone. Promise rings could also have hearts or other shapes in the design that represent a couple’s relationship.


Which finger is a promise ring worn on?

If you’re not married or engaged to be married it is normally worn on the ring finger on your left hand. If you are either of these, then it is traditionally worn on the ring finger of your right hand. But really, in a day where tradition isn’t adhered to as much, we say wear it how and where you want! We think they look really sweet on your little finger!


When to buy a promise ring?

  • If you’ve been together for a few years, aren’t ready for marriage yet but you know they’re the one, I’d say this is the most common reason.

  • If you and your partner don’t agree with marriage but you want to show your long-term commitment to each other. Often people don’t want to get married a second time, so this can be a great alternative.

  • In some cases, promise rings signify ‘purity’ and to stay celibate until marriage.


Are you looking for a promise ring?

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