Will You Be Mine…..?


If you hadn’t already noticed, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

Along with New Year’s Eve and Christmas Day, February the 14th is one of the most popular days to get engaged.  Almost forty percent of engagements happen between November and February – which is why they call it the proposal season.

Your proposal story will be told for years to come (no pressure!) and if you are thinking about asking that all important question any time soon you are probably looking for some serious inspiration to make sure the answer to that question is a huge YES!  Proposals don’t have to be about grand gestures – all they need to show is that you have truly thought about the how, when and where.  We all know that marriage is a huge commitment and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  If your loved one can see how serious you are it will be a reflection of how much this partnership means to them. For example, I had a proposal from a (now ex) boyfriend which included some burnt hot cross burns (that I had bought a few days before) as my ‘breakfast in bed’ and a bottle of fizz that he hadn’t even bothered to chill!  A low-key proposal is lovely, but it has to include a level of thoughtfulness to show your soulmate how much they mean to you.

You should also bear in mind what your partner is like.  Do they hate surprises? Planning an elaborate shock proposal may be a bad idea.  Can’t stand heights?  A hot air balloon ride may not be a good plan.  Not a fan of being the centre of attention?   Sky writing in front of a huge crowd may be their idea of hell!

My best advice would be to keep it simple and from the heart.  You know your partner, you love them and want them to be happy.  Imagine how they would pop the question to you and this may give you a good idea. Here are six simple steps you can follow to get to that all important goal – a successful proposal!

  1. Get the ring – You can do this together or as a surprise. Just remember that if you are going to choose one by yourself to get it insured and keep the receipt in case you need to change the size.  See our buying guide for advice –  https://www.roseannacroftjewellery.com/guidetobuyingjewellery/.

  2. Ask the parents’ permission – Although this is becoming less common now, you will know whether this is something your partner will feel is important or not.

  3. Decide on the location – Somewhere that holds a personal meaning to the two of you is perfect.

  4. Prepare your proposal speech – In an emotionally charged moment it’s easy to come unstuck, so speak from the heart and practice it ahead of time.

  5. Get your girlfriend to the location! – A friend of mine had his proposal planned to the very last detail – that is except arranging to get his girlfriend there! Sort out the logistics in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly.

  6. Propose! – Now all that’s left to do is pop the question! Try and cherish the moment and make the most of every second.  It’s a once in a lifetime moment so try not to rush through it.

If you want to make your proposal extra special why not purchase one of our Bespoke Design Experiences?  Design your ‘happily ever after ring’ as a couple and make your moment truly one of a kind.  Simply fill in our contact form below to enquire.

Warm Wishes,