Why Don’t You Propose This Leap Year


It’s 2020, it’s a Leap Year… you know where I’m going with this don’t you ladies? Talk about empowerment and equality, this seems like the perfect year to switch things up! (But this then begs the question why should we have to wait for a leap year…!?)


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I am talking about YOU doing the proposing. If you think it is time in your relationship to take the next step and you’re ready to commit to your loved one for the rest of your life, then pull out that ring and ask the question!


I understand why women don’t want to do the proposing. It’s not the ‘done thing,’ we’re so afraid of being rejected (that’s not just me, right?) and we want to wear the diamond!


‘He Should Ask Me!’

Why? Why should we wait for someone else to decide they’re ready to ask the question? Why is it always someone else’s decision? Surely, we feel empowered enough in 2020 to say, ‘I love you, will YOU marry ME?’


He won’t. And if he does, good riddance! I’m pretty sure, when a man asks a woman to marry him, he feels the same way. (I’m 99% sure this is the case. Men are certainly worried you won’t like the ring, but I think the deep-down fear is you saying no.)


We really need to work on our confidence and learning to love and believe in ourselves because everyone else believes in you. Everybody in the whole world is afraid of rejection, or they have at least felt it once in their lives (until they realised how ridiculous it was) and in order to get over that fear, we must face it. Feel the fear and do it anyway (amazing book by Susan Jeffers – read it, changed my life, this is NOT an affiliate!) – I promise you; it will work out and no one will die.


‘I Want To Wear The Diamond!’

Who says you can’t? Who says you can’t both have an engagement ring? Tradition is not what it was, for starters, rings don’t need to look a certain way (as per tradition of the 6 claw solitaire) and secondly, well why can’t you both design an engagement ring. Designing a bespoke engagement ring together (for both of you) is such a special experience, not only do you get exactly what you want but you also get to create a wonderful memory.


‘Why Should We Have To Wait For A Leap Year?’

Well, the long and short of it is, we shouldn’t, especially as we’re seeing more and more traditions being broken (remember, they’re just rules made by dead people). I quite like to romance of it though and what a story to tell. It only happens once every four years so it makes it more special, don’t you think? I’ve just had an awesome idea for ‘Will you marry me but design the ring with me?’ rings. I need a snappier name though. I’m thinking a simple band with a tiny Ruby in it, red for the colour of ‘love’ (you are seeing a genius idea being born here by the way). Wait, no, a pendant with a Diamond, that way it can always be worn as well as the engagement ring! Hold on while I design it… Watch this space.


Anyway, I digress. My point is, why don’t YOU Propose this Leap Year? If you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with somebody; why wait another day? Or wait until February the 29th because that would make a cute story for the grandkids!


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