Redesigning Your Engagement Ring

‘You’ve been married how long!? You get less for murder!’ A cute thing people say when they’re impressed that you’ve been married for more than 15 years. (I only know this because I have said it, many a time). So, my question to you is, have you thought about redesigning your engagement ring?

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Over 15 years (for example) a lot can happen; you may have children, you’ve probably moved house, you may have kicked him out (then let him back) and every day you still show up in life, working, getting dressed every day, washing the pots, laughing together, crying together, shouting at said children.


All these things can take a toll on your engagement and wedding rings! Hear me out, think about how many times your rings have bashed against the Le Crueset either while cooking or loading the dishwasher, how many times you’ve knocked them on the car door. I bet your fingers have changed shape. And I bet your relationship has grown.


The rings you wore 15 years ago will not be the same today due to wear and tear, changing fashions and changing fingers. So, have you thought about redesigning them?


Redesigning your engagement ring (and wedding ring) means you can give old rings new life. They have no doubt worn and at the very least need some maintenance! I.e. claw retipping, replacing a chipped diamond or resizing.


Redesigning them means you can carry on the story of your ever-changing relationship but still using the foundations you built it on (gemstones and metals).


A lot of people I speak to don’t realise redesigning old jewellery is an option, so they carry on wearing the worn and tatty old jewellery, or worse, put it in their jewellery box to be forgotten.


Even if 15 years ago, you didn’t have much money and could only afford something small, but now you’re both successful, you want an upgrade! That’s okay and its completely doable.


I say that’s okay because women I speak to ask me if its okay to have their jewellery redesigned, is it being disloyal? The short answer is no and if you want the long answer (which is still no) then come and see me.


Redesigning old jewellery is an exciting and invigorating process and if you’d like to book in a consultation to discuss your options, please get in touch.


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