Bring Your Jewellery Back to Life and Remodel It by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

I’m sure most of you have old and worn jewellery you don’t know what to do with, you may have inherited it or have worn your wedding ring for so many years it has completely lost its shape. The only thing to do is remodel it!

Jewellery as it is loved, just like with anything wears. It can lose detail, the metal around the gemstones wear which causes the loss of gems, the shanks at the back can wear so thin they either break or cut your finger.

When this happens people generally tend to place their jewellery in their jewellery box and forget about it. What a sad thing to do!

Jewellery is there to be worn, it gives people the power to feel unique in a world full of trends and followers. Jewellery carries memories, love stories and sentiment, don’t hide that in a jewellery box!


What do with my worn jewellery?

So, what to do when it is too worn? Remodel it! Either recreate it into how it was when it was first made all those years ago or give the current piece a new design! You can still use the same metals and gemstones to keep the memories alive, but this allows you to give a worn piece of jewellery a new lease of life!


How do I remodel my jewellery?

Gather up all of your old pieces of jewellery that are sadly laying in your jewellery box and let’s redesign them. Book a Design Experience with us which we can either hold virtually or in our Bakewell boutique and we can talk through all the jewellery redesign options with you. We will then go on to redesign you a stunning piece of jewellery inspired by your stories, memories and designs of your current jewellery and create you the perfect piece. So, go and look in your jewellery box now and get in touch with us through using the contact form below to book your Design Experience in today! Let’s bring your jewellery back to life!