Remodelling an Engagement Ring – Design Story

Lady L came to me with the heart-breaking story about how her stunning antique engagement ring had worn too thin to wear and asked us if we could repair it…

Engagement rings are there to symbolise the everlasting love you have for another person, but not all jewellery can be as strong as your love. This was the case for Lady L, she hadn’t been able to wear her ring for over 9 years. This antique beauty just needed some expert TLC. Unfortunately, it was too worn to simply repair and the whole ring needed remaking.

Over time precious metal can wear, it needs to be carefully looked after to preserve its beauty.

We used Lady L’s 18ct yellow gold and old cut diamonds to recreate the original ring. At Roseanna Croft Jewellery, we love recreating and redesigning old jewellery. There are always wonderful memories attached. Bringing these memories back to life bring out so many emotions.

When I unveiled the final recreation to Lady L there was so much joy in the room. She was so pleased with the finished product. Her smile lit up the room and her tears reminded me why I love this so much.

The beauty of having jewellery remade goes beyond the gold and the diamonds (as much as we love those). It Is the bringing back of those beautiful memories in unexpected ways. Whether you want to re-use existing metals and stone or replace them, we ensure the essence of the original piece remains. So, you can hold onto the same sentiments but in a new, more luxurious way.

If you want to experience the joy and emotion that Lady L felt, and wish to enquire about remodelling an engagement ring or another piece of jewellery, then get in touch with us through our form below to book your first consultation with our expert designer and goldsmith!