Design Story of Rennie Mackintosh Inspired Wedding Rings by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

Just before Christmas, one Friday evening, I had a wonderful couple drop by to talk about designing them some wedding rings. I love designing wedding rings because it is such a special time, there is just so much love involved.

This couple had quite a clear idea of what they wanted, and I have to say how excited I was when they told me they wanted to incorporate Charles Rennie Mackintosh into their designs. They never did tell me why, and sometimes we forget to ask but I remember studying the designer when I was at school and just loved his roses. I think that’s where my love of roses began. I just love drawing them and I first taught myself to do it in the style of Mackintosh. It’s probably the clean and simple lines that I love. So, for the lady’s wedding band we decided on 3 roses as the centrepiece (she didn’t have an engagement ring) joined to the shank with 3 bars, which flowed around and joined at the back. For the gentleman’s wedding ring, we played around with a few different ideas to ‘match’. In one design I incorporated a rose, a simpler version, and in another I just had 3 bands joined together to give the same look of the bars. This was the winner!

I loved making these as they are so interesting. The couple loved them when they picked them up as well, there were hugs all around. I think as it was just before Christmas too there was even more magic in the air!

They told me they were off on holiday to St Lucia, just the 2 of them and hoped to get married in secret there.

 Upon their return they would surprise both of their families, who I’m absolutely sure would be over the moon.

If you’d like bespoke wedding rings designing for your secret wedding, then please do not hesitate to get in touch you can send me an email on or use the contact form below to begin your design journey.


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