Rose Couture by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

What is the Rose Couture range? It is my dream. All the one of a kind pieces I dream of. There is no distinct style, no rules, no limits.

These designs have been a long time coming. They have come to me whilst lying in bed. Whilst walking is nature. Whilst staring at my treasure box. My treasure box is full of my most prized possessions, the gemstones I have collected over my years in the jewellery industry. In there we have Black Diamonds, Rose Cut Sapphires, Morganite, Yellow Sapphires, Amethysts carved into roses. Such a wide variety and I can give you a story for every gem. I’ve been dreaming of the Rose Couture range for years, I don’t really know why I have not created it sooner. But I feel now is the perfect time.


At Roseanna Croft Jewellery we create such beautiful bespoke pieces for our clients as well as our unique fashion collections, we now want to add this range of one of a kind pieces that have materialised from my dreams as a jewellery designer. Each design from this exclusive range will be made to order and truly one of a kind. The piece will be moved from the couture range to the gallery once it has sold.


This is an exciting time for Roseanna Croft Jewellery. Thank you to everyone who helped us with inspiration for some new designs as well. We’ve had suggestions for gemstones such as Emerald, Tanzanite, Fire Opal and Amethyst. We’re so excited to show you some of these new designs.


Please let us know your favourite piece!