Roseanna’s Skydive for Smart Works

Last week our CEO and Jewellery Designer Roseanna was brave (or crazy!) enough to take part in a tandem skydive to raise money for Smart Works Birmingham.


You may remember we previously held a fantastic event in Darley Abbey which was a great success, but Roseanna felt it was time to ‘put her money where her mouth is’ by braving this daring feat! 

We had a fantastic day at Skydive Langar where the staff were really helpful and helped to make Roseanna feel at ease.  We had to call in the morning as the weather had not looked good the day before, but thankfully we were given the go ahead and started our journey (one which I’m sure for Roseanna it didn’t feel long enough!).  We were greeted at reception by the daughter of the family who own Skydive Langar and introduced to the lady who would be flying the plane, the grandmother of the family.  After a nerve-wracking wait Roseanna’s name came over the tannoy and she went to undergo some training and get her equipment on.  I could see that her legs were shaking from nerves and adrenalin as she pulled her jumpsuit on, but she managed to concentrate on the instructions and did it all with a huge smile on her face.  Roseanna, a couple of other free fallers, her instructor and the cameraman all boarded the tiny plane and then began the ascent to 12,000 feet (over 2 miles).  A few clouds had begun to form so I didn’t see Roseanna until she broke through the clouds and her parachute had already opened, but it looked absolutely incredible, soaring through the sky with the sun behind, experiencing what she told me afterwards was a freedom like no other she had felt.  I’ll never forget the look on her face as she walked off to get on the plane, and the walk back after she had landed.  It was a truly scary but incredible experience for her and I’m so proud that she would take this on to raise money for Smart Works Birmingham.

Smart Works Birmingham are an incredible charity who help women become financially independant by providing interview clothing and coaching.  Many of us have been out of work at some point, and even if it’s only for a short time it can have a huge impact on your self esteem and mental health.  They are a charity that means so much to us at Roseanna Croft Jewellery, as we are hugely passionate about supporting women and empowering women. 


Our ‘Love, Me’ campaign is designed to do just that.  Love, Me is more than just a piece of jewellery, it’s more than just a ring.  It is a movement, a statement.  It is a sign that times are changing and traditions are changing with it.  No longer are women sitting and waiting to be bought Diamonds.  The days are gone that you are defined by which finger your ring is placed on.  Our mission is to empower women through the jewellery that they wear.  Jewellery has been used for hundreds and thousands of years as a means of self-expression and a sign of power.  It is a mark of who you are and a tale of where you have been.  The ‘Love, Me’ ring holds a single, pear shaped lab grown Diamond.  It has a heart engraved on the inside along with a Diamond, so that the the most precious things are touching you at all times. 


By sponsoring Roseanna or buying a ‘Love, Me’ ring you are supporting Smart Works Birmingham in their amazing work, which has seen more than 70% of women being successful at interview.  We would like to thank all of those who donated, including some fantastic businesses which were kind enough to support us.  These include JDR Group, Now Serving, Matthew J Magic & Variety Arts and Glow Motivation . 

Please visit our social media to see the video of Roseanna’s jump and if you would still like to donate just click the link below, we would be extremely grateful.