Rough Diamond Engagement Ring by Roseanna Croft Jewellery

At Roseanna Croft Jewellery we love to celebrate unique. Everybody is different, and it should be celebrated every single day. So, when this client of mine got in touch in the summer I was very excited with the design brief: A rough diamond engagement ring.

His girlfriend is very ‘boho’, loves turquoise and is a free spirit. She loves the organic look and loves the thought of a Rough Diamond.

My client sent me some images of rings he had seen, jewellery his girlfriend wore and pictures of his beautiful girlfriend!

All of these images were extremely helpful when it came to design this ring. The fact that he had also put so much thought into what his girlfriend would like was amazing. He knew that she would quite like a trilogy ring and because of her love of turquoise he wanted to incorporate these beautiful gemstones. After a few discussions, I sent him a selection of sketches to get a clearer idea of the style he thought she’d like. It was between 2 quite different designs, but this is the design we went for.

Platinum, Turquoise and Rough Diamond Engagement Ring Sketch

I set to, drawing this rough diamond engagement ring on the CAD software. I soon came to find that organic shapes such as rough diamonds are very difficult to draw on a computer! But, with a little imagination, we had the final ring design in front of us! Making this Platinum, Turquoise and Rough Diamond Engagement Ring was a dream! Because of how much love and thought had been put into the designing of the ring I think it made it more special. My client has since proposed, and I was so pleased to hear she said yes and just loved the ring! It really is unique and so fitting of this lady’s personality.

Isn’t this what jewellery is for? Showing someone how much you love them put making it personal to them and their story? Celebrating difference? We’re not born ‘mass produced’ so let’s celebrate that, which you can with bespoke design and with handcrafted jewellery. Tell your own story.

If you’re interested in a bespoke engagement ring or any other piece of bespoke jewellery then please use the contact form below to send an enquiry.