The Tale of the Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond has a truly interesting history.  Since Diamonds have existed there have been many types of cuts as jewellers attempted to make the most brilliant Diamonds. 

As years went by, and jewellers continued their quest to find the cut with most facets and allure, the round Diamond cut was born.

When a Diamond is given a circular shape, it allows for the stone to have 58 eye-catching facets, which is more than any kind of cut.  For this reason round cut Diamonds, also called round brilliant Diamonds are the most popular on the market, particularly for engagement rings.

Rounded shapes have been used to cut Diamonds for years, but fully circular shapes weren’t really possible or popular until the invention of the bruting machine in the late 1800’s, which finally allowed for circular rather than cushion cut.  The first known round Diamonds were called European cut Diamonds.  They were technically circular, but nothing like the round brilliant cut Diamonds we see today.

In actual fact, the round brilliant cut Diamond with 58 facets didn’t come about until around 1919, when Marcel Tolkowsky published his thesis “Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond.” Tolkowsky basically created a mathematical formula for cutting Diamonds proportionally. Over time, thanks to advances in technology, Tolkowsky’s formula has been altered to perfection.

One of the reasons that the round brilliant cut Diamond is so desirable is because it is often priced higher than other cuts.  This is because circle cut Diamonds often require Diamond cutters to take away more of the stone’s original roughness, which is a costly process.  They are also in high demand, which then drives up the price.

Though they may be more expensive, you simply cannot go wrong with a round brilliant cut Diamond.  They are stunning, lustrous and full of fire.

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