Ruby | The Most Iconic Coloured Gemstone

Ruby is the most valuable variety of the corundum mineral species. They can command the highest per-carat price of any coloured stone, including Sapphire and Emerald. This makes ruby one of the most important gems in the coloured stone market, and why wouldn’t it be? Rubies are stunning.

In its purest form, the mineral corundum is colourless, but we know it for its red colour, varying from purplish red to orange red which is caused by chromium in the minerals structure.

The most expensive coloured gemstone ever sold at auction is a ruby. In 2015, a Burmese ruby sold for $30 million USD, or just over $1 million per carat… The Sunrise Ruby weighed an amazing 25.59 carats which is an extraordinarily rare size for a ruby of its calibre.

Red is the colour of our most intense emotions such as love and anger, passion and fury. It can be associated with objects of desire like fast cars and red roses.

Ruby has been called the most precious of the 12 stones created by God and has retained its importance with the birth of the western world and became one of the most sought-after gems of European royalty and the upper classes. Rubies are often worn, and have been particularly in medieval times, to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom and success in love.

This beautiful gemstone that has been desired throughout history and seems to be only rising in popularity, is also the birthstone for July! (You thought I’d forgotten that didn’t you!?)

Yes, the July babies are very lucky to have such a striking gem as their birthstone, representing the one thing that makes the world go round – love. Which also makes it the perfect gemstone for the wedding anniversary.

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