Ruby Engagement Ring Styles

Do you have a ruby engagement ring in your sights? Ruby stones can be a classic embodiment of compassion and devotion, symbolising your love with the colour of the heart. But which style or cut should you go for?

There are many key considerations when it comes to choosing a ruby engagement ring, and in this blog, we discuss them.


Which cut?

The cut or shape of a ruby is designed to highlight certain aspects of a stone. You might choose a cut that enhances the colour or change the way the light bounce off the stone, giving it that gorgeous sparkle. But maybe the colour intensity or glitter doesn’t matter too much to your bride-to-be – many women choose a cut based on the message it sends to the world. For example, women who prefer to blend in with the crowd might opt for a more classic round cut, whereas a woman who would like to stand out and make her mark as an individual through her jewellery might choose a bolder cut such as a princess cut.
It’s also important to find out how your fiancée would wear her engagement ring – does she wear other rings on her left hand? Would she wear her engagement ring on the same finger as her wedding ring, or stacked with her other fashion rings? The look of each ring might matter to her more when set against other jewellery she wears. Let one of her friends ask a few innocent questions in order to find out the answer to this!


Which look?

Which look will suit the wearer the best? A classic ruby engagement ring typically combines a simple band with a single red ruby encased by gold. Then there are vintage ruby engagement rings, also known as antique style ruby engagement rings, which have a refined, almost mystical quality about them, having been made in a bygone era. Whether it's Art Deco or Eighties, vintage ruby jewellery has an old charm which is capable of transcending time.
Is your partner a fan of a particular era? Try to find a ruby ring from that time period. Or you might opt for a statement ruby engagement ring. These are typically larger and more prominent, and can be ideal for special occasions, or if the wearer has a bold fashion sense.


Which style?

Learning if your girlfriend likes rubies is a matter of a quick question, and the cut of ring she goes for isn’t hard to work out either, but style is a very personal thing when it comes to engagement rings, because this a ring that will last forever! It’s important to find out what sort of stone arrangements your partner favours and use that to decide what style of ruby engagement ring she would most love and cherish for a lifetime.
We’d suggest paying close attention to the rings she looks closer at when you’re out and about. If there are some arrangements that she barely glances at, but others she wants a better look at, then you have a good idea of what style to aim for. But don’t make any assumptions – again, request that one of her friends or family members to do a bit of not-so-innocent asking!

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