Magical Russian Wedding Rings

Russian wedding rings are a timeless, jewellery beauty. Made in tri-colour or single colour metal they are a favourite amongst many.

A tradition in Russia since the 19th century and made famous by Cartier, the design has many names. One being, the trinity ring, taking its meaning from the Holy Trinity, made in the various shades of gold which you can see me making today.

I have previously written a post on the traditions and meanings behind the classic, Russian wedding rings (see here) so today I just wanted to share the video with you of my manufacturing these 2 rings for precious clients of mine.


Magical Russian Weddings Rings


In the video you will see Roseanna measuring out the needed gold, turning up the Russian wedding rings. Soldering, polishing and linking the rings together in their special way.


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”The Making of Russian Wedding Bands”


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