Sapphire | A True Classic

Probably one of the most versatile precious gemstones stones available, a sapphire is part of the corundum family of minerals, comes in many stunning colours. The most popular being blue, but they are found in nearly every colour of the rainbow. A lot of Sapphires are heat treated in order to bring out the very best colours.


Mined in Australia, Sri Lanka and Madagascar to name a few exotic places, each mine produces a different quality and colour of Sapphire, each with something different to offer. I have seen some stunning Green Sapphires in Australia. The colour of the ocean. And Sri Lankan ‘Ceylon’ Sapphires, such a pale blue, like a blue sky at dusk.

We love to pair different shades of blue sapphires together in our pieces, like our latest couture piece ‘Stained Sapphire.’ When we showed a client the design, it was compared to stained glass and so the name stuck! Have you ever sat on a sunny day and stared out of a stained-glass window? If not, I highly recommend it and you’ll see what we mean!

Sapphires are probably up there with my favourite gemstone. Especially pale Ceylon Sapphires.

There’s also the Star Sapphire, another truly stunning form of Sapphire which exhibits a star-like appearance known as asterism which is basically needle shaped inclusions in the crystal structure which cause this 6 rayed ‘star’ pattern.

What about famous Sapphires? So, I think we all know this one, Kate Middleton’s! Which of course used to belong to the late Princess Diana. The design was originally inspired by a brooch that Prince Albert gifted Queen Victoria before they married, the Queen, who inherited this brooch, still wears it to this day.

Another, more unusual sapphire, is Princess Eugenie’s pink padparadscha sapphire engagement ring. Padparadscha sapphires are extremely rare and named after a lotus flower of a similar coral hue. If you have a sapphire or would like us to source you one then please get in touch with our gemstone specialists through the contact form below. Our expert designers can bring your sapphire jewellery dreams to life.