Sapphire and Emerald Ring Redesign

Late last year a lady came to me with two rings she had inherited that even though the sentiment was there, she knew she would never wear them so she enquired about ring redesign.

Let's Talk  

Together, we had a few discussions over the phone as to what she may like, and we came up with two ring designs. We decided to split all the stones up and use the Emerald in a traditional trilogy style ring with two of the larger diamonds either side. This ring she could wear every day. For the other ring we created something much more contemporary using the Sapphires and some of the smaller diamonds in a wide, open band.


This is the perfect example of a bespoke design that took place virtually from start to finish. We spoke on the phone, through email and text until we got her design perfect. Once we discovered her finger size it was a walk in the park from there! When the rings were complete, I had them couriered to her safe address (using the Royal Mail) and I am so pleased to say she loved them!


These two designs however, did leave us with some old-cut diamonds left over so we spoke about creating her a pendant and we set the 6 diamonds left into a daisy style pendant that she could also wear every day.


This lady started out with two antique, gold rings and from them, with the magic of ring redesign, we created her three pieces of totally unique jewellery that she will treasure forever whilst keeping the memories of her loved one who passed away.


If you would like to learn more about jewellery redesign please don’t hesitate to contact us. Roseanna would be more than happy to view the jewellery you have and draw you some no-obligation sketches to give you an idea of what is possible.