Sapphire Ring Redesign

Oh how we love a Sapphire ring redesign!  It’s only when someone brings in an old heirloom piece that you realise how much trends change.  What would have been chosen for an engagement ring 30, 40, 50 or more years ago may not be what someone would go for in 2019.  

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On the wall in our boutique in Bakewell it says “Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story”.  We have this on our wall because we truly believe that it’s true and because it’s the reason we love to do what we do.


We love people bringing in old pieces that have been passed down through the generations and hearing the stories of its history.  We know that it’s sometimes with trepidation that you hand over your highly sentimental pieces, like you are handing over a small piece of your heart.


For that reason we do everything we can to ensure you love the finished product.  We get to know you and your style with a thorough and relaxed consultation, we do a sketch and a computer aided 3d design so you can make sure you’re completely happy with what the finished product will look like and we update you at every stage of the process so you know exactly where your piece is up to. 


When a lady bought us her engagement ring we did just that, and turned it into a new piece that she absolutely loved.  Jewellery, if made properly, can stand the test of time; but does wear and get knocked.  You may want the piece to be exactly the same as you love the style, but need the metal building up. 


Whatever you would like, please just ask.  We are here to advise you at every step of the way.


The finished product for this lady’s ring was a stunning piece in 18ct yellow gold with Sapphire and Diamonds.  Beautiful!


If you have an heirloom piece you would like redesigning, please click here.

Love, Roseanna & Co x