5 Ways To Practice Self-Love


The ‘Love, Me’ movement is all about encouraging women to choose and love themselves.  A big part of this includes making time to practice self-love. 

Life is so often a whirlwind of work; life admin and endless tasks and it sometimes feels like there is no way we can fit time in for self-love.  Self-love is, however, more of a priority than ever.  It gives us confidence, balance and perspective, and can be the difference between living and thriving.  We’ve put together 5 points that you can focus on to truly love and choose yourself. 


  1. Prioritise self-love.

Nourish yourself. Make a commitment to practice healthy activities daily such as balanced nutrition, exercise, plenty of sleep and social time.  When you demonstrate self-love by doing these things daily, you will form a pattern and continue to take care of your basic needs.  Set aside some time to do the things you love and don’t feel bad for sometimes doing nothing at all.  These things will form a foundation to allow for growth and for living your best life.


  1. Forgive yourself.

Every one of us makes mistakes.  These can be costly reminders to think before we act, but they can also provide greater lessons.  One of the main barriers to self-love is holding on to regrets or shame from mistakes in our past.  Let them go and move on, you’re a different person now and nobody is perfect.  Finding a way to forgive yourself while committing to improving your behaviour or living a life according to your values will help increase self-love.


  1. Set long-term goals.

Self-love is a commitment and a process.  Make concrete goals to work on every day.  Develop long term plans for the life you envision for yourself and plan out the steps of how you can get there.  It helps me to set monthly, realistic goals and pin them on my inspiration board.  I don’t beat myself up if I don’t reach them all but it gives me something to aim for and I feel like I’m much more focused.


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others. 

We are all beautiful and so different.  There is no one else like you and that makes you truly amazing.  Whenever we compare ourselves to others we decrease self-love.  Be motivated and inspired by others but choose your own path.  Next time you are feeling jealous of someone who you think is more successful or happier than you, remember that you don’t know their story.  They have probably made huge sacrifices to get where they are, and put self-care as their number one priority.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people.

We are highly influenced by the people around us.  This becomes more and more apparent as we grow older and develop stronger personalities. When you’re wading through a constant wave of negativity in your social circle, it’s so much more difficult to be kind to yourself.  If your friends aren’t open to treating themselves and others with love and respect, it may be time to get a new circle of people who have a more positive outlook.

None of us know what tomorrow has in store, so take life by both hands and do something every day that excites you.

Love, Roseanna & Co x