She Sells Seashells… The Mermaid Range

The ‘Mermaid’ range, has a special place in my heart and in this blog post I’ll tell you why. Living in Australia for the time I did I fell in love with the ocean, the sound and mystery of the waves, the seascapes of paradise. I fell in love with Moreton Island, a place which, to me is the epitome of paradise.

While I spent precious time on the island, I’d wander along the beach mesmerised by the treasure washed up on the shore, so I started collecting what I found. Seashells and coral, even the odd dried starfish. I also found a beautiful rock which had been eroded by the waves into a heart shape, needless to say I pocketed that as well!



When I moved back to England I took as many memories as could and carefully wrapped my shells up and sent them on their way.


Seashells from Mermaid Range


I’ve now cast some of these memories into solid Sterling Silver and created the Mermaid range.

To me Mermaids are everything magical about the ocean, mystery and beauty rolled into one. I remember wishing I could be one as a little girl! Donning my sequin mermaid tail and pretending I was in the ocean!

So now it seems memories I’ve collected, I’ve turned into reality with this new range.

In the range there’s large statement necklaces or the heart rock, scallop and cone shells, there’s the smaller more delicate bonnet and scallop shell pendants. Beautiful starfish and coral as well as the selection of tiny earrings including bonnet, cockle and whelk shells. I hope you all love them and their story. Please leave a comment and let me know your favourite ‘Mermaid’ piece so far!

The full collection will be available to view and purchase online shortly.