Should I Propose with a Vintage Engagement Ring?

Vintage, antique and heirloom engagement rings can be a beautiful choice but often require a little thought. You may have found the vintage engagement ring of your dreams, or been handed down an heirloom ring that has huge sentimental value, but your bride-to-be might still feel uncomfortable with the thought of wearing second-hand jewellery as her engagement ring.


Here’s what to think about before buying a vintage engagement ring:

Where Are You Buying The Ring from?

If you’re looking for an antique engagement ring, be sure that the ring is authentic and that you are dealing with a reputable jeweller. Some of the vintage rings in antique shops aren’t always labelled clearly, meaning they could be made from synthetic gemstones or crystal. If you're buying a vintage ring, be sure to shop at a reputable jeweller and ask if the piece has any paperwork such as a diamond certificate, proving the quality of the precious gemstone or diamond. Seek advice from a trustworthy expert if you’re not sure about the authenticity.


What Style Of Antique Ring Do You love?

There are many options available when it comes to antique jewellery such as Art Deco or Georgian, each with their own special design elements. Have a look at what your partner wears and her style as this may help choose a ring to suit her personality. For instance if she likes floral patterns, a late Georgian engagement ring would be perfect.

If you know your partner cares deeply about gemstones and their meanings, this can help narrow down your search as you head out into the vintage market as well.

Do You Want To Remodel The Ring Or Leave It As It is?

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with a beautiful sapphire ring that once belonged to his mother, Princess Diana, whereas Prince Harry used diamonds from his mother’s collection to design his own ring when proposing to Meghan Markle.


If you think your bride will love the antique ring as it is, propose away. If you decide to keep the ring in its original form it's best to have it looked over by a jeweller in case it needs any repairs to make it suitable for everyday wear! The last thing you want are the diamonds falling out because of worn claws.

If you’d like to keep the sentimental value of an antique ring but give it a modern twist, you can redesign or remodel it to make the ring unique to you and your partner.

By working with a designer, such as the experts at Roseanna Croft Jewellery, you can keep the antique elements of the vintage ring, such as the diamonds and other precious stones, and remodel them into a ring your soon-to-be fiancée will love. You can add different precious gemstones or diamonds to change the design entirely, replace chipped or cracked stones or update the band to modernise the look and feel of the ring. The team at Roseanna Croft Jewellery will be on hand to offer advice when it comes to preserving the vintage ring but updating it to suit your partner’s tastes.

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