Spring Living by Roseanna Croft Jewellery


 Spring Living and Loving, Who doesn't love this time of year?


”When Spring Arrives”

Spring is definitely one of the best times of year in our book. The daffodils, the lambs, blossom on trees!


It comes at the perfect time as well doesn’t it? After a long dark winter, the lighter mornings are just what we need! It’s been warm and sunny this week and I can feel positive vibes flowing from everyone!


”The Journey to HQ is so Much Brighter in Spring”

It’s this time of year I love the walk to and from the car in Bakewell where Roseanna Croft Jewellery HQ is based. I park in a morning, walking down the hill I see big beautiful houses with blossom filled trees on my right. On my left are lush green fields, some with Llamas grazing. As I get to the bottom of the hill towards the river, I see daffodils covering the riverbanks and tiny ducklings playing in the river.

I had to laugh the other day because the first two ducklings I’d seen this year were playing and chasing each other, literally charging at each other, skimming across the river! It really made me stop and smile!

And walking back up towards the car, there are people drinking wine outside the quaint pubs and dog walkers by the river. It’s like we’ve all woken up from winter hibernation!


”Spring-time Fashion”

From a fashion perspective, goodbye gloves! Goodbye hat! We can finally stop covering up every inch of bare skin for fear of catching cold. I know it’s not exactly time for sandals and cami-dresses yet but at least we only have to wear one jumper, maybe even with a skirt!


Roseanna Croft Jewellery Spring Ranges

We love Spring so much that quite a few of our ranges reflect the season. Take our ‘Daisy’ range, inspired by – you guessed it – Daisies! The ‘In The Spring’ collection was designed when sitting in Bakewell’s secret garden, staring at buds, petals and leaves. The ‘Blush’ range, inspired by the colour of blushing pink blossoms!


What's you favourite thing about Spring?